Free VB6 Migration Tool & Updated VB Developer Center

Jason Zander just announced some exciting work that we’ve been doing for developers trying to migrate their Visual Basic 6 apps! Good News for VB6 Migration Today we re-launched our VBRun Resource Center for VB6 developers and announced a partner tool from Artinsoft, the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion [VBUC] that you can get for FREE…. Read more

Interop Forms Toolkit 2.1 Update for Visual Studio 2010

“Back to the future” as Todd put it. That’s right, the Interop Forms Toolkit has been updated to support Visual Studio 2010. This was just a minor release in which the setup authoring was updated so that the toolkit now supports both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010. The toolkit features remain unchanged from… Read more

What is Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6 Support Strategy?

I just posted an interview on Channel 9 with Paul Yuknewicz, Lead Program Manager on the Visual Studio team. Paul discusses Visual Basic 6 runtime and IDE support options as well as proven techniques, tools and best practices for interoperability and gradual, phased migration to .NET. Channel 9 Interview: What is Microsoft’s Visual Basic 6… Read more

Channel 9 Interview – Tips and Tricks with the Interop Forms Toolkit

I just posted a Channel 9 interview with Todd Apley, Senior Test Lead on the VB Team, where he shows us a variety of tips and tricks with using the Interop Forms Toolkit on Visual Studio 2008. He also shows us how to deploy a hybrid application built with VB 6 and VB.NET using XCopy deployment… Read more

Webcast on VB6 Migration to .NET

I just added another webcast for March 28th on VB6 migration to .NET to the list of March madness webcasts I’ll be doing. Rob Windsor and I will be presenting a bonus webcast on VB6 to .NET migration. If you’re involved in a migration push and don’t know where to start this webcast is for you…. Read more

Migration from VB6 to .NET on dnrTV

There’s still a lot of Visual Basic 6 systems running the world and if you’re one of the developers maintaining those systems you may be looking at migration strategies to move to .NET. You don’t have to take on a complete rewrite of your system, there are many ways of interoperating with VB6 from .NET and vice versa…. Read more

I’m Speaking Tonight!

If you’re in the East Bay Area tonight, head on down to the Pleasanton EastBay.Net group where I’ll be speaking on Strategies to Migrate Your Visual Basic 6 Investments to .NET. Oh and as an added bonus for FUNdamentals, Yag will be walking down architecture memory lane discussing the history of application development. DETAILS: Strategies… Read more

Visual Basic on Channel9

I just posted a couple screen casts/interviews on Channel9 you should definitely check out. I rounded up VB team members and influentials and asked them what their favorite Visual Studio 2008 features were and to give us all a demo of them! The first one is with Erik Meijer and he shows us his favorite… Read more

Debugging Hybrid VB6/.NET Applications

To wrap up this series of posts on hybrid applications with the Interop Forms Toolkit, I’d like to talk about debugging. There’s a couple ways we can go about debugging with VB6 and Visual Studio and depending on where you’re spending most of your coding time, you may opt for one method or the other. The… Read more