Adding Stored Procs to your LightSwitch Intrinsic Database

When you build a LightSwitch application the very first question you are asked is whether you want to connect to an existing data source or if you want to create a new one. If you choose to create new, this means that you want to build the data model using the LightSwitch data designer and… Read more

Working with SQL Server LocalDB in LightSwitch Projects in Visual Studio 2012

Note: This article applies to LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 (LightSwitch V2) In Visual Studio LightSwitch, when you design your data model through the Data Designer you are either creating new tables or attaching to external data sources. When you create new tables, LightSwitch automatically creates them in the internal database, also known as the… Read more

How to Connect to and Diagram your SQL Express Database in Visual Studio LightSwitch

Visual Studio LightSwitch makes it easy to create and model database tables using the Data Designer. With this designer you have a simple interface into the Tables, Columns and Relationships that make up your data model. When you create tables this way, under the covers LightSwitch creates a SQL Express database file at design time…. Read more

Bootstrapper Package for SQL Server Express 2008 R2

A couple weeks ago my good friend and MVP, Robin Shahan (RobinDotNet), wrote up instructions on how to get a bootstrapper package for SQL Server Express 2008 R2 that you can use with ClickOnce deployments. Visual Studio 2010 comes with the bootstrapper for SQL Server Express 2008 but not R2. Robin’s post will show you… Read more

Step-by-Step: Installing SQL Server Management Studio 2008 Express after Visual Studio 2010

UPDATE 7/31/2012 – Since this post new versions of SQL Server & Visual Studio have been released. To install the latest version of SQL Server see SQL Server Install. For more information on working with SQL Server Local DB in Visual Studio 2012 see Working with SQL Server LocalDB in Visual Studio 2012 and the MSDN… Read more

SQL Server 2008 Express How Do I videos

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to work with and connect to SQL Express data. (SQL Express edition is the free version of SQL Server that comes with Visual Studio). Well if you haven’t seen these videos on getting started with SQL Express you should check them out: SQL Server 2008 Express… Read more

Building Occasionally Connected Smart Clients with WPF

This month Dev Pro Connections has an article by Milind Lele on using Sync Services in a WPF application: Building Occasionally Connected Smart Clients with WPF With Sync Services and Visual Studio 2008 you can visually design your local data cache and have it automatically synchronize your data with the backend remote database. So instead… Read more

Inserting Master-Detail Data into a SQL-Server Compact Edition Database

Yesterday John posted on the Visual Studio Data blog how to Refresh the Primary Key Identity Column during an Insert Operation using SQL Server. In that post he shows how the DataSet designer sets up a batch Insert statement to retrieve identity keys automatically. A while back I wrote about how to insert data into… Read more

“Moving in” to Windows 7: My Favorite Features & Some Tips on Setup

Last week I installed Windows 7 Enterprise on my main laptop – a Lenovo T60p ThinkPad. I was up in Redmond and MSIT made it available via a super-easy network boot that installs Office Enterprise, all the IT-required software like anti-virus, and all the drivers you need automatically. (I can’t say enough great things about… Read more

Attaching a Local SQL Server Database Using sqlcmd

I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about how to easily attach a local SQL Server/Express database file (.MDF file) to an instance of SQL Server (any edition). In most of my samples I distribute local SQL Server databases and use user instance connection strings so that if you are running Visual Studio with SQL Express then… Read more