How to Use a Picker as a Filter in your LightSwitch apps

I’ve gotten more than a few questions over the last couple months on how to do this common pattern for filtering data based on a picker. For instance, I have a table of customers and I want to pick from a list and then pull up their details. Or say I have a list of… Read more

Calling ASP.NET Web API from a LightSwitch Silverlight Client

Before I left for a wonderful vacation camping in Lake Tahoe :) I showed you how you can use Web API with your LightSwitch middle-tier service in order to call stored procedures in your databases. I also showed you how we’ve improved database management in Visual Studio 2013 with the addition of SQL Server Data… Read more

.NET Rocks! Podcast: Beth Massi Builds Apps with LightSwitch in Studio 11

Check it out, I’ve got another podcast with Richard and Carl this time talking about the new features in LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11. I always have a ton of fun talking with these guys and you can tell I’m super excited about the next version of LightSwitch. Show #769: Beth Massi Builds Apps with… Read more

Adding Static Images and Logos to LightSwitch Applications

NOTE: This information applies to LightSwitch Beta 1 ONLY. For V1 release (RTM) please see Adding Static Images and Text on a LightSwitch Screen We’ve had a couple questions on how you can add your own static images and logos to your LightSwitch applications so I thought I’d detail a few ways that you can do this… Read more

Using Microsoft Word to Create Reports For LightSwitch (or Silverlight)

Note: This post has been updated for Beta 2 on 3/24/2011 LightSwitch has a really nice feature on data grids that allow you to export them to Excel if running as a Desktop application (out of browser). This gives you a basic way of getting data out of the system to create reports or do… Read more

Visual Basic Silverlight Tutorials from MyVBProf

If you missed them, Visual Basic MVP Bill Burrows has been creating Visual Basic Silverlight tutorials on his site MyVBProf for a while now. Last week he released a new tutorial that is the third of a series on using WCF RIA Services. The first tutorial introduced SL4 and WCF RIA Services using an example… Read more

Updated Samples for Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate

If you haven’t heard, Jason Zander announced today that the Release Candidate (RC) for Visual Studio 2010 is now available for MSDN Subscribers here. The RC will be made available to the public on Wednesday the 10th. We also just refreshed all the WPF & Silverlight Data binding, VSTO and SharePoint Dev samples on Code… Read more

New Blog from the WPF & Silverlight Designer Team Just Launched!

The WPF and Silverlight Designer team (a.k.a Cider team) launched a blog last week and they already have a TON of content! Wow I need to catch up!  I’m told during the months of January and February they will be adding a good bit of WPF & Silverlight content that will focus on the… Read more

Speaking at East Bay.NET Tomorrow Night on VSTO & SharePoint 2010

Wow, welcome back from the holidays! I hope yours were as fun and relaxing as mine were. It’s always a wonderful time of year to stay with friends and family and concentrate on what’s really important in life. Well it’s time to get back at it and I am refreshed and ready to go! I’m… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Implementing a Silverlight SharePoint WebPart with Visual Studio 2010

Mike Morton is back at it again, this time showing how easy it is to develop, package and deploy a Silverlight WebPart to SharePoint 2010. He also walks us through the solution, package and file properties available to you in Visual Studio 2010. You’ll see me giggling in this one because I can’t believe how… Read more