Podcast: LightSwitch, a Hidden Gem in Visual Studio

Last week we released the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 – March 2014 Update! We released some exciting features for Cloud Business Apps and LightSwitch projects as well as apps for Office and SharePoint. Right before the release I recorded a podcast with Dag König, a technical evangelist in Sweden. Dag is doing… Read more

.NET Rocks! Podcast: Beth Massi Builds Apps with LightSwitch in Studio 11

Check it out, I’ve got another podcast with Richard and Carl this time talking about the new features in LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11. I always have a ton of fun talking with these guys and you can tell I’m super excited about the next version of LightSwitch. Show #769: Beth Massi Builds Apps with… Read more

CodeCast: Launch of Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011

Check it out, I did a podcast with Ken Levy on Wednesday here on campus and he posted it yesterday evening. In this one I chat with him about the release of Visual Studio LightSwitch with the latest news and resources. Always a fun time chatting with Ken! CodeCast Episode 109: Launch of Visual Studio… Read more

CodeCast Episode 106: C# and Delphi Community with Charlie Calvert

I know it seems weird – why the heck is Beth Massi, “VB gal” promoting a link to a podcast on C# and Delphi? The reason is because of the guest speaker, Charlie Calvert, who I used to work with here at Microsoft. Charlie was my C# community counterpart and it’s awesome to hear that… Read more

CodeCast Episode 104: Visual Studio LightSwitch with Beth Massi

I woke up early this morning to do a phone interview with an old friend of mine, Ken Levy, about Visual Studio LightSwitch. We chatted about what LightSwitch is and what it’s used for, some of the latest features in Beta 2, deployment scenarios including Azure deployment, and a quick intro to the extensibility model…. Read more

MSDN Radio on Oct. 11th: LightSwitch with Yours Truly

On Monday, October 11th at 9:00 AM PST I’ll be talking with Mike Benkovich and Mithun Dhar about Visual Studio LightSwitch on MSDN Radio. MSDN Radio is a weekly Developer talk-show that helps answer your questions about the latest Microsoft news, solutions, and technologies. Head on over to the registration page so you can call… Read more

A couple recent interviews on DZone & .NET Rocks

This week I have a couple interviews that released to the web. The first one is a short video with Eric Hagan from the DZone .NET community where I talk about some of my favorite features in Visual Studio 2010 and the languages: Beth Massi on Visual Studio 2010; New Features in VB, C# The… Read more

New Podcast Series on MisfitGeek.com

Joe Stagner, ASP.NET/Web community guru, has just launched a new podcast on MisfitGeek.com. In this first episode he talks with Scott Hunter, a Senior Program Manager Lead on the ASP.NET Team, about the future of Web Forms and how Web Forms compares with ASP.NET MVC. He also talks about web data controls and compares the web… Read more

Visual Basic 2010 Preview on CodeCast with Lisa Feigenbaum

Codecast is a short (~25min) podcast by Ken Levy who runs around Microsoft grabbing interviews with folks. In this episode Lisa talks about what Visual Basic developers can expect from the Visual Studio 2010 editor and IDE and other cool new features in Visual Basic. She also talks about the developer community and even mentions… Read more