How To Send HTML Email from a LightSwitch Application

A while back Paul Patterson wrote an awesome step-by-step blog post based on a forum question on how to send an automated email using System.Net.Mail from LightSwitch. If you missed it here it is: Microsoft LightSwitch – Send an Email from LightSwitch This is a great solution if you want to send email in response… Read more

Using Microsoft Word to Create Reports For LightSwitch (or Silverlight)

Note: This post has been updated for Beta 2 on 3/24/2011 LightSwitch has a really nice feature on data grids that allow you to export them to Excel if running as a Desktop application (out of browser). This gives you a basic way of getting data out of the system to create reports or do… Read more

Open XML SDK 2.0 Released!

Many programs that need to process documents often require manipulation of the file formats directly and doing that through the Office component object model (COM) won’t scale very well. It also requires that Microsoft Office be installed to run. A better route in a lot of these cases is to use the Open XML SDK…. Read more

Using Projections with Data Services in Visual Studio 2010

Starting in Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1, you can create ADO.NET Data Services to easily expose data models via RESTful web services. So if you are building a remote CRUD data access layer then this is a technology that you’re probably using or are looking into. I’ve written a lot about about data services… Read more

Silicon Valley Code Camp Oct. 3-4 : Schedule is up!

As I mentioned before, I’ll be speaking this weekend at Silicon Valley Code Camp ( This is a FREE event at at Foothill College and it’s not just Microsoft technologies. A lot of great speakers will be there too. The schedule is up so check it out and mark the ones you plan on attending…. Read more

Merging Text & Photos into a Word Document using Open XML SDK

Yesterday I posted about how we could create a letter generator (mail merge) that took data from a database to create a Word 2007 document using the System.IO.Packaging class. I showed how to take data from Northwind using a single LINQ query to create XDocument objects representing letters to customers and then create a single… Read more

Mail Merging Into a Single Word Document Using XML Literals

With the release of Microsoft Office 2007 we can work with a much simpler, standard, XML format called Open XML which opens the door for many types of applications that cannot work via COM. What if you needed to build a scalable web service that processes many documents in high volume? What if you wanted… Read more

DevProConnections Article: Taking Advantage of LINQ and XML in Microsoft Office 2007

This month I have an article on DevProConnections: Taking Advantage of LINQ and XML in Microsoft Office 2007 In this article, I talk about how a lot of applications that need to take advantage of Microsoft Office can do so without going through COM. Many programs that need to process documents often require manipulation of… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: LINQ Language Deep Dive with Visual Studio 2008

Ever wonder what really happens when you write a simple LINQ query? Dim query = From row In db.Customers _ Where row.Country = "Canada" _ Select row A lot of new language features went into the compilers in Visual Studio 2008 to make even this simple LINQ query work. In this interview I sit down… Read more

Filtering Entity Framework Collections in Master-Detail Forms

Last post I talked about how to get WPF data binding to work with master-detail entity collections. I had a couple readers ask me how they could filter the child collection instead of bringing them all down so in this post I’d like to show how you could do that. It’s actually pretty easy. Customer… Read more