Editing Data from Two Tables in a Single DataGridView

I’ve had a lot of questions lately on how to display data from two separate tables in the database into a single DataGridView for editing. It sure would be nice if all our data was in a single table, but in reality most of the time it’s not. Basically the problem is that we want… Read more

First Day at SDN Conference

I’m here in the Netherlands in a town called Noordwijkerhout near Amsterdam at the SDN Conference with a lot of great speakers and sessions.   I took these shots while the attendees were in session. There’s good food, great vendors and lots of entertainment — XBoxes, bowling, pin-pong, and lots of bars ;-) We also… Read more

What’s New in Visual Studio 2008 SP1 – Client and Data Features

Last night I spoke at East Bay.NET UG on some of the new features in Visual Studio Service Pack 1 focusing on client and data. I did a whirlwind tour of new SQL 2008 data types and Sync Services enhancements, ADO.NET Entity Framework, ADO.NET Data Services, WPF performance and data enhancements, Client Profile Deployment, VSTO… Read more