Special EastBay.NET Meeting this Wednesday with Julie Lerman (EF) & Kathleen Dollard (MEF)

This month we’re having a special meeting day, a week earlier than normal, on this Wednesday March 3rd and you don’t want to miss it! MVPs Julie Lerman and Kathleen Dollard are in town and we thought this would be a great chance to snag them both for a killer session on Entity Framework and… Read more

New “How Do I” Videos Released on Entity Framework & WPF

Yesterday we released a couple more videos onto the Visual Basic Developer Center on building WPF data-entry forms with Entity Framework: How Do I: Hook Up and Display Validation in WPF using Entity Framework? How Do I: Build a WPF Master-Detail Data Entry Form Using Entity Framework? That makes 5 videos total on working with… Read more

Using the ReportViewer with ADO.NET Data Services and Entity Framework

The Winforms ReportViewer in Visual Studio Pro will allow you define client reports with a variety of data sources. If you’re not familiar with creating client-side reports using the ReportViewer, take a look at these videos: How Do I: Create a report from a database? How Do I: Create a report from a business object?… Read more

Auto Access to non-Indexed Collections : Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the VB Compiler

I just finished a couple more How Do I videos on using EF with WPF using VS2008 SP1 (they’ll be published soon) and while I was translating my VB code to C# I stumbled upon an error in C# that does not happen in VB. This of course got me curious and so I thought… Read more

N-Tier Application Patterns with Entity Framework

This month’s MSDN Magazine has a particularly good article in there by Danny Simmons, Development Manager on the Entity Framework team, on N-Tier Application Patterns with Entity Framework that I recommend reading through. He explains the design considerations you need to take into account when building n-tier applications and also discusses some of the improvements that… Read more

Filtering Entity Framework Collections in Master-Detail Forms

Last post I talked about how to get WPF data binding to work with master-detail entity collections. I had a couple readers ask me how they could filter the child collection instead of bringing them all down so in this post I’d like to show how you could do that. It’s actually pretty easy. Customer… Read more

Master-Detail Data Binding in WPF with Entity Framework

Today I thought I would talk about a really common scenario in data applications, creating a master-details (one-to-many) data entry form. I’ve written about WPF data binding and Entity Framework a lot in the past: Posts: Master-Details with Entity Framework Explicit Load Loading Data and Binding Controls in WPF with CollectionViewSource Using the WPF ObservableCollection… Read more

Implementing Validation in WPF on Entity Framework Entities

I’ve blogged before about implementing validation on LINQ to SQL classes as well as how to customize the display of error messages in WPF. In this post I want to show how you can use these same techniques to validate entities coming from the Entity Framework (EF). Like LINQ to SQL classes, Entity Framework entities… Read more

New “How Do I” Video Series Released

I just released 3 new videos onto the VB Dev Center starting a new series on how to do WPF data binding with Entity Framework using Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. This is a “no frills” WPF series that focuses on data so you won’t see any other tools used besides Visual Studio 2008… Read more

WPF Data Binding Samples on Code Gallery

One of the many samples released for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 that you should be aware of are examples of WPF data binding against Entity Data Models. You can find some easy to follow samples here: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/WPFDatabinding This sample demonstrates how to create a WPF Forms solution that checks user input with validation code,… Read more