GitHub Universe & SVCC Trip Reports

Last weekend I had the opportunity to (wo)man the Microsoft booth at GitHub Universe as well as speak at the largest code camp in North America, Silicon Valley Code Camp. Both were great experiences in very different ways. TL;DR; GitHub Universe felt like a rave. The industrial space catered very well to the demographic. GitHub… Read more

Silicon Valley Code Camp Next Weekend! Intro to .NET Core & ASP.NET 5

It’s that time of year again in the Bay Area. Silicon Valley Code Camp takes place next weekend October 3rd and 4th. This time, it’s at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose. There’s a lot great sessions taught by experts in the community on a variety of subjects and technologies. This year we also have… Read more

Visual Studio 2015 and .NET Framework 4.6 released today–behind the scenes goodies, t-shirts, and lots of open development

You probably heard that Visual Studio 2015 and .NET Framework 4.6 released today. Congrats team! This is a big day for us as we’ve all been working really hard on this release for many many months. Get the bits now! Visual Studio 2015 <— BTW, if you’re an open source dev, you get VS community… Read more

After Hours @ Build in San Francisco–April 29th

Hey-ya folks in the Bay Area! Our team is speaking at a free community event on April 29th that I’m pretty excited about. We’ll have plenty of experts from the .NET, ASP.NET and Managed Languages teams there as well as the .NET Foundation and GitHub so please come to learn and mingle! Check it the… Read more

The .NET Voyage into Open Source–dotnetConf 2015

dotnetConf is on now! Yesterday on Day 1, there were a ton of great presentations from the team. One of my personal favorites of the day was the talk where Immo, Rich and Miguel spoke about .NET Core and the teams journey into Open Source. There’s a lot of great insight into how culturally and… Read more

Understanding .NET 2015

Last year after BUILD I posted Exciting Times for .NET and since then I have had the pleasure of working much closer with the .NET team, which includes the runtime, framework, languages & compilers. Although my focus has been a lot more on internal community in the last year, such as helping run internal conferences… Read more

New Podcast Series on

Joe Stagner, ASP.NET/Web community guru, has just launched a new podcast on In this first episode he talks with Scott Hunter, a Senior Program Manager Lead on the ASP.NET Team, about the future of Web Forms and how Web Forms compares with ASP.NET MVC. He also talks about web data controls and compares the web… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: ASP.NET MVC using Visual Basic XML Literals

I just posted an interview on Channel 9 with Dmitry Robsman, the Product Unit Manager for ASP.NET. In this interview he shows us how he implemented ASP.NET MVC views using Visual Basic’s XML Literals instead of .aspx pages. Dmitry shows us how this makes coding the views much cleaner using standard OOP principals. He also… Read more

ASP.NET Dynamic Data Tutorials

Bill Burrows has released more video tutorials! This time he focuses on the ASP.NET Dynamic Data feature that is available in Visual Studio 2008 SP1.  If you need to build a quick web site against a database then you should definitely check this framework out. Also check out the Web Development section of the Visual… Read more

More Videos on ASP.NET MVC

Bill Burrows has released a new set of videos on the ASP .NET MVC Framework – Preview 4 Update which provides an overview of the MVC pattern as well as shows you how to perform adds and updates against a database. If you missed them, you should first check out his Intro to MVC videos… Read more