Calling ASP.NET Web API from a LightSwitch Silverlight Client

Before I left for a wonderful vacation camping in Lake Tahoe :) I showed you how you can use Web API with your LightSwitch middle-tier service in order to call stored procedures in your databases. I also showed you how we’ve improved database management in Visual Studio 2013 with the addition of SQL Server Data… Read more

Calling Stored Procs in your LightSwitch Databases using Web API

Last post I showed you a new LightSwitch feature in Visual Studio 2013 Preview that let’s you use SSDT database projects to manage your intrinsic (internal) LightSwitch database. You can use database projects to do all sorts of things to the intrinsic database that aren’t supported via the data designer, like add indexes, write stored… Read more

Using LightSwitch ServerApplicationContext and WebAPI to Get User Permissions

Last post I showed a simple way of checking a single user permission from an HTML client screen in order to disable/enable UI elements. If you only have a couple permissions to check and you don’t want to write a lot of code then this simple tip works. However, if you need to check many… Read more