Fun with OData and Windows Phone 7

Tonight I’m speaking in San Francisco on one of my favorite topics, OData. Here’s the info: Creating and Consuming OData Services for Business Applications. (By the way, the Open Data Protocol (OData) is a protocol for querying and updating data over the web. If you’re not familiar with OData I encourage you to check out… Read more

Trip Report: DevReach Bulgaria & SDC Netherlands

I’ve been travelling for the last couple weeks around Europe to speak at a couple conferences and now that my sessions are all over I thought I’d post some stories and pictures of how things went. I have to say I really enjoyed my trip and it’s great to see familiar faces on attendees and… Read more

Integrate Outlook Appointments with SharePoint 2010 Calendar Lists using Data Services

The other day a good friend of mine asked me if it was possible to send appointments created in Outlook into a SharePoint calendar list. It’s easy enough to grab this data from Outlook by building an add-in with Visual Studio, but what also turned out to be really easy was sending this information to… Read more

Bay Area Education Day on Saturday – OData, Cloud, SharePoint, Office, VB, C#, DLR

Come over to Foothill college on Saturday May 15th for a full day, two track education day with an all-star Microsoft cast. I’ll be there speaking on OData, Office and SharePoint development in Visual Studio 2010. We’ve also got some folks from the languages team coming to show off what’s new in VB, C# and… Read more

Add Spark to Your OData: Consuming Data Services in Excel 2010 Part 2

Last post I talked about how you can create your own WCF data services (OData) and use PowerPivot to do some powerful analysis inside Excel 2010 as well as how to use the new sparklines feature. If you missed it: Add Spark to Your OData: Consuming Data Services in Excel 2010 Part 1 In this… Read more

Add Spark to Your OData: Consuming Data Services in Excel 2010 Part 1

OData is an open REST-ful protocol for exposing and consuming data on the web. Also known as Astoria, ADO.NET Data Services, now called WCF Data Services in .NET. I’ve written about it in the context of .NET many times on this blog. However there are SDKs available for other platforms like JavaScript and PHP. With… Read more

Using Projections with Data Services in Visual Studio 2010

Starting in Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1, you can create ADO.NET Data Services to easily expose data models via RESTful web services. So if you are building a remote CRUD data access layer then this is a technology that you’re probably using or are looking into. I’ve written a lot about about data services… Read more