Getting Started with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012

Awesome! This morning we released Visual Studio 2012 which has a ton of new LightSwitch enhancements like the ability to access data from any OData source as well as create OData services, a new theme, and a whole lot more. For a good rollup of content to get you up to speed on all our… Read more

Customizing the LightSwitch Time Tracker Starter Kit

Visual Studio LightSwitch released with a set of 7 Starter Kits that people can use as starting points for their own applications. You can download them or install them directly in Visual Studio LightSwitch using the Extension Manager. Take a look at Robert Green’s Visual Studio Toolbox episode for more info. One of the Starter… Read more

Getting Started with the LightSwitch Starter Kits

Visual Studio LightSwitch Starter Kits are project templates that help get you started building specific LightSwitch applications. You can download them right from the within Visual Studio LightSwitch and once installed they show up in your “New Project” dialog. Using the Starter Kits can help you learn about LightSwitch as well as get you started… Read more