Beginning LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2013 – Address Book HTML Sample

I just uploaded the completed sample that you build step-by-step in the Beginning LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2013 Article Series. If you’re completely new to LightSwitch or HTML5/JavaScript development, then this series is for you. It walks you through everything you need to know to get started quickly building professional quality business apps for mobile devices & tablets, suitable for a wide range of form factors.

imageDownload the Sample & Read the Tutorials

Download the sample here.

Read this article series to get started with the most important concepts you need to build any LightSwitch HTML business application:

  • Part 1: What’s in a Table? Describing Your Data
  • Part 2: Feel the Love – Defining Data Relationships
  • Part 3: Screen Templates, Which One Do I Choose?
  • Part 4: Too much information! Sorting and Filtering Data with Queries
  • Part 5: May I? Controlling Access with User Permissions
  • Part 6: More Control! Customizing the app with JavaScript & CSS
  • Build and Run the Sample

    1. Download the sample ZIP file to your computer, right-click on the ZIP, select properties, and Unblock the file.
    2. Then extract the contents of the ZIP and double-click on the .SLN file to open Visual Studio.
    3. Important: From the BUILD menu, select "Rebuild Solution" to generate the necessary files to run the sample.
    4. After you rebuild, press F5 to run.
  • Visit the LightSwitch Developer Center for more tutorials and get started learning! For LightSwitch questions and troubleshooting please visit the LightSwitch Forums.

    Have fun building your first apps!