LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup–February 2013

Last year I started posting a rollup of interesting community happenings, content, samples and extensions popping up around Visual Studio LightSwitch. If you missed those rollups you can check them all out here: LightSwitch Community & Content Rollups.

This month we had a lot of activity in the LightSwitch community. Particularly fun for the team was the MVP Summit where we got to present to the top experts in the Microsoft community.

LightSwitch at MVP Summit

A lot of teams at Microsoft spend weeks preparing for the Global MVP Summit. The summit is an opportunity for the top Microsoft community experts to come to Redmond and engage face-to-face with the product teams and talk confidentially about our product directions and features we are working on. It’s a very busy, fun, crazy week.

mvpsummit1 WP_20130220_004 WP_20130220_006WP_20130220_005 WP_20130220_008

The LightSwitch team presented to the MVPs on all the awesome features that are coming in the next refresh of LightSwitch (Version 3), which includes HTML5/JavaScript client as well as SharePoint support. We spoke with Developer MVPs and SharePoint MVPs and they were equally excited about the future of LightSwitch. We can’t wait to get the next release into the public hands! I know you’re going to ask me “WHEN???” – all I can say is “soon” :-)

New LightSwitch Book – LightSwitch in Action

imageDan Beall and Greg Lutz have written a book on LightSwitch that I started to read and I like it so far! It contains information on the latest version of LightSwitch including OData support and the new HTML client.

LightSwitch in Action is available now as an eBook and will be available later in print. The authors have made the first chapter available for free here so check it out! Thanks guys!


Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars! There will be some great LightSwitch sessions at these events coming up.

TechDays Netherlands March 7th – 8th The Hague, NL
Yours truly will be speaking next week in The Hague. I’ve got three juicy sessions with new demos and bits to show off! I’m also hoping to see some of those European community members at the show. In fact, I’ll be meeting up with a couple of my two favorite LightSwitch-ers, Paul Van Bladel & Jan Van der Haegen. Can’t wait!

East Bay.NET User Group March 14th – Berkeley, CA
Plugging my local user group here :-). I’ll be speaking here next meeting and the session will be sure to turn heads and please those who are struggling with extending their business apps into the mobile space.

VSLive! Las Vegas March 25 – 29 & VSLive! Chicago May 13-16
Michael Washington of the famed is speaking at VSLive! in Las Vegas and then Chicago. Sounds like a couple really good sessions:

TechEd North America June 3 – 6 New Orleans, LA
Session details haven’t been announced yet but you can be sure that we’ll have a LightSwitch presence at TechEd again this year.

FalafelCon 2013 June 10th – 11th Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus, Mountain View, CA
I’ll also be speaking at the conference put on by Falafel Software, Telerik & Microsoft. It’s here in my neck of the woods and it should be a great event with a lot of very well known speakers.

Did I miss any events? Drop me a comment below!

More Notable Content this Month

Extensions released this month (see over 100 of them here!):

Samples (see all 97 of them here):

Team Articles:

Community Articles:

Did I miss any good articles? Drop me a comment below!

Top Forum Answerers

Thanks to all our contributors to the LightSwitch forums on MSDN. Thank you for helping make the LightSwitch community a better place. Great job this month from our very own Justin Anderson!

Top 5 forum answerers in February:

User Name Answers Posts
Justin Anderson 4 8
Dino HE 2 3
Yann Duran 1 12
Norman A. Armas 1 4
Glenn Wilson 1 5

Keep up the great work guys!

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