Channel 9 Interview: What’s New with SharePoint Tools for Visual Studio 2012

If you haven’t heard, the new Office & SharePoint 2013 Developer Preview has a brand new development model that should make it a lot easier and flexible to build consumer and enterprise applications running within Office & SharePoint. So I’ve been sitting down with some teammates to learn what this is all about. In last week’s interview, Saurabh showed me how to build a mail app using “Napa” development tools. Now it’s time to learn a bit about the new SharePoint tools in Visual Studio 2012 that help you build not only the new apps for SharePoint 2013, but improve upon the experience of building solutions for SharePoint 2010 as well.

In this interview Xiaoying Guo, a Program Manager on the SharePoint tools team, shows us some of these new tools which include building Visual Web Parts for sandbox solutions, remote deployment of packages, a list designer, as well as new templates for building SharePoint 2013 apps. I’m a newbie to the new apps model but Xiaoying helps me understand the differences as well as the flexibility this new model brings.

Watch: What’s New with SharePoint Tools for Visual Studio 2012

For more information on SharePoint tools in Visual Studio 2012 see the MSDN Library. To get started building apps for SharePoint 2013 see and the MSDN Library topic: SharePoint 2013