LightSwitch Sessions at a Variety of Upcoming Events

I just got back from TechReady 15 up in Seattle, a quarterly conference we deliver to internal Microsoft employees who work in the field. We had a couple good LightSwitch sessions delivered by yours truly and my manager Jay Schmelzer. Now I’m off to St. Louis this week to speak at St. Louis Day of .NET on Friday. I haven’t been to St. Louis in years and I’m looking forward to it (too bad the Cardinals aren’t playing a day game on Saturday though, my schedule would have been perfect for that ;-)). We also have some sessions at VSLive! in Redmond in August as well as Silicon Valley Code Camp in early October. Check out the list of events and sessions by the LightSwitch team. Hope to see you there!

St. Louis Day of .NET – August 2nd – 4th, 2012

Introduction to LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 
Beth Massi
Friday August 3rd, 10:30-11:30 AM
Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is the simplest way to build business applications and data services for the desktop and the cloud. LightSwitch contains several new features and enhanced capabilities in Visual Studio 2012. In this demo-heavy session, we walk through building an application end-to-end as well as discuss new features, such as creating and consuming OData services, controls and formatting, the security system, deployment, and much more.

Building Business Applications for Tablet Devices
Beth Massi
Friday August 3rd, 1:40-2:40 PM
“Consumerization of IT” is a growing trend whereby employees are bringing their personal devices to the workplace for work-related activities. The appeal of tablet devices for both consumer- and business-oriented scenarios has been a key catalyst for this trend; the growing expectation that enterprise apps should run on “my” device and take advantage of the tablet’s form factor and device capabilities has particularly opened up new challenges for custom business app development. In this demo-heavy presentation, we’ll show how LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 makes it easy to build HTML5/JS business apps that can be deployed to Azure and run on Windows 8, iOS, and Android tablets.

VSLive! Redmond – August 6th –10th, 2012

Building Business Applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch
John Stallo
Thursday August 9th, 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM
Visual Studio LightSwitch is the simplest way to create business applications for the desktop and cloud. In Visual Studio 2012 we’ve opened up the LightSwitch application architecture by embracing the OData protocol, making LightSwitch also the simplest way to create a Data Service. LightSwitch continues to simplify the development process by letting you concentrate on the business logic, while LightSwitch handles the common tasks for you. In this demo-heavy session, see end-to-end how to build and deploy a data-centric business application using LightSwitch and how to leverage Data Services created with LightSwitch to make data and business logic available to other applications and platforms. You will also see how we are enabling LightSwitch developers to build HTML5 applications optimized for touch-centric tablet devices.

Silicon Valley Code Camp – October 6th – 7th, 2012

Building Open Data (OData) Services and Applications using LightSwitch   
Beth Massi
The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a REST-ful protocol for exposing and consuming data on the web and has become the new standard for data-based services. Many enterprises use OData as a means to exchange data between systems, partners, as well as provide an easy access into their data stores form a variety of clients on a variety of platforms. In this session, see how LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 has embraced OData making it easy to consume as well as create data services in the LightSwitch middle-tier. Learn how the LightSwitch development environment makes it easy to define business rules and user permissions that always run in these services no matter what client calls them. Learn advanced techniques on how to extend the services with custom code. Finally, you will see how call these OData services from other clients like mobile, Office, and Windows 8 Metro-style applications.

Building Business Applications for Tablet Devices
Beth Massi
Same session as above.

So that’s what our agenda looks like so far, but it’s only mid summer and we’ll probably have more to slip in as other plans materialize. Keep an eye on this blog for more events as we get scheduled.