LightSwitch HTML Client Resources – Countdown to the preview release!

Last week at TechEd Jason Zander announced that LightSwitch is embracing HTML5, JavaScript and CSS so you can build touch-centric business applications that run on multiple devices. I know you all have been very anxious to get your hands on the bits and we’re anxious to get them to you! Please be patient (I know it’s hard when you’re so excited), we’re working to make the bits available soon.

In the meantime, we’ve been publishing a regular cadence of content on the LightSwitch team blog so you can understand our goals and reasons why we’ve enabled this type of development. We’ve got some deeper articles planned on the architecture as well so keep an eye out on the team blog for that deep dive from our architects. 

For now, we’ve got a page on the Developer Center that we’ve been filling up with content as we publish it. Stay tuned to that page for the bits. Here are some goodies if you need to catch up:

And please keep asking great questions in the LightSwitch HTML Client Forum. The team is very excited to speak with you and get your feedback, encouragement and support. You’ve all been overwhelmingly positive and excited and so are we! And we hear you… get the bits out ASAP so you can try it. We are working on it! :-)