LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup – May 2012

Last Fall I started posting a rollup of interesting community happenings, content, samples and extensions popping up around Visual Studio LightSwitch. If you missed those rollups you can check them all out here: LightSwitch Community & Content Rollups. I know I’m a bit late with this one but I’ve been very busy lately. I bought a condo (yay!) and have been on the road for the last couple weeks. Anyways, here it is…


The big news was we released Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate on May 31st, new logo and all! You can read all about what’s new since Beta in LightSwitch and in Visual Studio here:

LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate Resources

We also updated the LightSwitch Developer Center with a bunch of resources related to Visual Studio 2012. Visit the LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate Resources page for all the goodies like:

MSDN Magazine Column: Leading LightSwitch

Jan van der Haegen continues his journey into the depths of LightSwitch with his regular column in the May issue:May 2012

Leading LightSwitch: Logging in to a LightSwitch Application Using Social Media Credentials
Find out how to create a LightSwitch application that lets users log into Web sites using their social media credentials no matter where they are.

MSDN Webcast: What’s New with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11

I delivered a webcast in mid-May on some of the new features in Visual Studio 2012 (a.k.a “11”) relating to LightSwitch. You can watch or download the webcast as well as download the slides here: "What’s New with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11" Recording Available


The always entertaining Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin interviewed me in a .NET Rocks! podcast. I always have a ton of fun talking with these guys and you can tell I’m super excited about the next version of LightSwitch.

Show #769: Beth Massi Builds Apps with LightSwitch in Studio 11

Carl and Richard talk to Beth Massi about the latest incarnation of LightSwitch. In 2011 LightSwitch shipped as a separate install, but the upcoming version of LightSwitch is part of every SKU of Studio 11. Beth talks about how LightSwitch has evolved to be an awesome consumer and creator of data, making it simple to create oData interfaces over anything. The conversation also digs into the role of Silverlight, the evolution of the client and how LightSwitch makes apps in the cloud much simpler.

New Office Integration Pack Extension Released to CodePlex

If you haven’t noticed, Grid Logic has been working on a new version of the Office Integration Pack and has opened up source code for community contributions on CodePlex!

imageReleased last year, the Office Integration Pack is a LightSwitch extension that makes it easy to manipulate the 2010 versions of Excel, Word and Outlook in a variety of ways common in desktop business applications. With the release to CodePlex they “are actively developing new features and welcome the community to help!” (see their website).

This new version expands upon the export APIs so that you can export any collection to Excel or Word. Collections can come from queries on your screens, or queries executed directly against the DataWorkspace. They can even be in-memory collections or LINQ queries and projections. They also have added the ability to format data as it is being exported.

Visit the Downloads tab to download the Office Integration Pack Extension and the Sample App. Visit the Documentation tab for an explanation on how to use the APIs. And if you have questions or issues please visit their CodePlex site and click on the Discussions or Issue Tracker tabs. Thank you Grid Logic!

Xpert 360’s Salesforce Adapter LightSwitch Extension Released image

In May Xpert 360 released another FREE LightSwitch extension that allows you to connect to Salesforce! They also have a free Dynamics CRM adapter available for download. Thank you Xpert 360 for the community support!

Another E-Book Released! – OData and Visual Studio LightSwitch

Michael Washington, founder of has released another E-Book that seems to be doing really well which is awesome to see. Check it out:

OData And Visual Studio LightSwitch
This book will show you how to publish and consume OData services. A standard order entry LightSwitch application is used to demonstrate real world scenarios where you will need to expose your application to web pages, tablets, and other mobile devices. Technologies covered include jQuery Mobile, Windows Phone, datajs and Knockout.

Michael also made the first chapter available for free here: OData and LightSwitch Book Excerpt – Chapter 1: What Is This Book About?

More Notable Content this Month

Extensions (see all 88 of them here!):

In addition to the above, we had a few more extensions from the community released this month.

Samples (see all 81 of them here):

Team Articles:

A few more articles and announcements from the team this month on LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2012.

Community Content:

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