"What’s New with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11" Recording Available

On Friday last week I delivered a webcast on the new LightSwitch features in Visual Studio 11 beta. I think it went pretty well considering it was the first time I had done the session end-to-end :-). You can now view the webcast recording here:

Download: What’s New with LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11
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In the session we built an application called “Media Mate” that connects to the Netflix OData source to keep track of favorite movies and music. I showed off new features around all our OData work like how to consume external OData services. I also demonstrated how LightSwitch creates its own OData services adhering to your business rules and security settings so that other clients on different platforms can access your middle-tier easily and securely. I showed off some of the new UI enhancements and business types as well as some of the new deployment enhancements. I attached the presentation slides to the bottom of this post.


One demo hiccup happened where I messed up the search ability over the Netflix data. Doh! What I ended up doing is unchecking the IsSearchable property on the Title entity in the data designer which subsequently disabled the searching on the screen. So it was user error, not a beta bug ;-). At any rate, I think folks got the point. By the way, there are a lot of things you can do to improve search query performance in LightSwitch and I’ll follow up with a post about that soon.


I also demonstrated the updated Contoso Construction sample that you can download here:

Contoso Construction – LightSwitch Advanced Sample (Visual Studio 11 Beta)

For more information on the new features I demonstrated please see:

Also don’t forget to visit the LightSwitch Developer Center, your one-stop-shop for learning all about LightSwitch.