LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup–March 2012

Last Fall I started posting a rollup of interesting community happenings, content, samples and extensions popping up around Visual Studio LightSwitch. If you missed those rollups you can check them all out here: LightSwitch Community & Content Rollups

March was filled with a flurry of content around Visual Studio 11 Beta since it was released on February 29th. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to download it and give it a spin.

Download Visual Studio 11 Beta

You can provide general feedback using the Visual Studio UserVoice site and LightSwitch-specific feedback on the LightSwitch UserVoice site. There are also a handful of Beta forums you can use to ask questions in particular areas, including the LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11 Beta Forum.

LightSwitch Beta Resources on the Developer Center

imageIf you haven’t noticed the LightSwitch team has been releasing a lot of good content around the next version of LightSwitch in Visual Studio 11. We’ve created a page on the LightSwitch Developer Center with a list of key Beta resources for you. Check back to the page often as we add more content each week! Here’s the easy-to-remember URL:


New Cosmopolitan Shell & Theme

In March the team released the beta version of the LightSwitch Cosmopolitan Shell and Theme extension for Visual Studio 11 Beta. 

We drew inspiration from the Silverlight Cosmopolitan theme in designing the extension. The shell and theme provide a modern UI to achieve a more immersive feel, simple and clean styling for the controls, corporate/product branding, as well as many other improvements. This shell will become the default shell for new LightSwitch projects developed with Visual Studio 11. Check out these screen shots and give it a spin! (click to enlarge). You can provide feedback and report issues with the shell in the Beta forum or directly on the LightSwitch Team blog post.

image Contoso2

New Extensibility Toolkit & Samples Released

An updated version of the LightSwitch Extensibility Toolkit for Visual Studio 11 Beta was also released in March. This toolkit refresh provides project types for creating new LightSwitch Extension Libraries using Visual Studio 11 beta and includes templates for creating all the different types of supported LightSwitch extensions. If you’re building LightSwitch extensions then you’ll want to check out this release.

Along with this release are updated versions of all the extensibility samples.

LightSwitch Community Rock Stars

If you’ve been spending any time developing LightSwitch applications and listening to the #LightSwitch hash tag on twitter, hanging out in the forums, or searching the internet for LightSwitch content, then you probably have run across these people at one time or another. These folks constantly pop up in our community channels – some have been helping the LightSwitch community since the early betas and some are emerging recently. These are just a few of the LightSwitch rock stars to definitely keep an eye on.

Have more folks to recommend? Post a comment below!

New LightSwitch MSDN Magazine Column: Leading LightSwitch

April 2012One of our LightSwitch rock stars has started a new column on MSDN Magazine! Jan van der Haegen released his first “Leading LightSwitch” column in the March issue. I’m really looking forward to the great stuff Jan will teach us!

Consume a LightSwitch OData Service from a Windows Phone Application
Jan Van der Haegen’s first LightSwitch column explores one of the key features added in the beta release of the tool–the ability to create and consume OData services, which can in turn be consumed from any client, including custom Windows Phone applications.


Notable Content this Month

Lots of content has been streaming out from folks all over the internet. I’m also excited by the number of extensions the community released this month, nice! Here’s some more notable resources I found.

Extensions (see all 81 of them here!):

More Samples (see all of them here):

Team Articles:

Visual Studio 11 Beta (LightSwitch V2)

Visual Studio LightSwitch (LightSwitch V1)

Community Content:

LightSwitch Team Community Sites

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