Community Megaphone


Since yesterday when I posted about the code camps in California that are coming up I got a couple folks ping me if there were any events in their area. Well here’s a site created by Microsoft Developer Evangelist G. Andrew Duthie (a.k.a. Devhammer) called Community Megaphone where people submit their community events and you can find them based on your location. If you don’t see an event there that you know about please submit it!

In addition to the web site, there are RSS and OData feeds for read-only access to event data (no account required) and there’s a web service API for adding/editing events (requires registration). Andrew is also experimenting with an HTML5 version here.

Last but not least, C# MVP Kevin Hazzard has created a Community Megaphone Windows Phone 7 application (which I just downloaded via the Marketplace ;-)) and the source is available on CodePlex! Awesome! Thanks guys!


UPDATE: Also check out the Community Megaphone podcast!