New Video: How Do I Deploy a Visual Studio LightSwitch Application?

A new video was just released on the Developer Center video page:

How Do I: Deploy a Visual Studio LightSwitch Application?

I originally did this one for Beta 1 but now this updated with the latest Beta 2 release. In this video you will learn about what deployment options you have for a LightSwitch Application and why you should choose one over the other. I show you how to set up your database and deploy a 2-tier application as well as how to set up and deploy a 3-tier application onto a web server running Internet Information Services (IIS).

Also check out the following walkthroughs for more information on deployment:

I’ve been busy travelling and speaking at conferences but I managed to get this one done. :-) And I just got my Azure account set up (YAY!) so I’ll be planning on doing one on deploying to Azure next (once I get back from DevDays).