Visual Basic Samples, Resources and More!

Yesterday the VB Team posted links to a TON of Visual Basic code samples and resources (see below) that have been made available by teams across Microsoft. It’s really nice to see the internal culture shift on a lot of teams to embrace the C# /VB Co-Evolution strategy. The VB Team still has work to do but the mentality on a lot of teams has come a long way since I joined Microsoft as a VB community champion almost 4 years ago.

The VB Team has also made strides in supporting other platforms like the phone and XNA. In SP1 they’ve made it a lot easier for product teams building other platforms to incorporate Visual Basic by using the new compilation mode in Visual Studio 2010 SP1. 

Here’s the list of samples and resources pulled from the VB team blog that they wanted to call out. Check them out and let us know what else is missing that you’d like to see:


Links to Resources


o    Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools – RTW

o    Visual Basic Code Samples for Windows Phone

o    Free ebook: “Programming Windows Phone 7, by Charles Petzold” – VB Code Samples (direct)

o    Windows Phone 7 Development For Absolute Beginners on Channel 9

o Visual Basic Windows Phone 7 Tutorials (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) 


o    Silverlight 4 Training Kit

o    Silverlight 4 MSDN Help Documentation

o    Silverlight 4 Application Themes Including Visual Basic Templates

o    See Also: Silverlight QuickStarts, Silverlight Video Code Downloads, Silverlight 4 Tutorials, Silverlight Toolkit Samples, Blog Tutorials (SL HyperVideo | Silverlight/MEF/HVP | Project Turing RIA Services | Project Turing Multiple Tables | Silverlight TDD | MVVM)*


o    Office 2010 Training Course Hands-On-Labs (Channel9, Download)

o    Open XML SDK 2.0 Samples for Microsoft Office

o    Open XML SDK 2.0 Documentation


o    SharePoint 2010 Help Topics

o    SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Kit*


o    Visual Studio Extensibility Samples

o    Visual Studio Start Page Customization Template

o    Static Code Analysis MSDN Help Documentation

o    101 Async CTP Samples & Walkthrough

o    See Also: Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Training Kit and VB Samples -> Language directory*


o    Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Samples

o    MEF Programming Guide Documentation

o    See Also: Hello MEF in Silverlight 4 and VB! Blog*


o    Windows 7 Training Kit For Developers & Windows 7 Online Training*

o    Windows 7 API Code Pack Samples*


o    Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 SDK Samples

o    See Also: Expression Encoder 3 Samples


o    “Using EF in Silverlight with VB” Article

o    Entity Framework Samples (VBTeam Blog, Code Gallery)*

o    VS 2010 Data How-Do-I Videos & Visual Basic Videos*


o    WCF Azure Samples

o    See Also: Windows Azure Platform Training Kit & Windows Azure SDK Samples

(more recent VB samples underway, as well as documentation)


o    WCF/WF Samples, WCF/WF Help topics *

o    WPF Help topics, WPF Video Code Downloads*

o    ASP.NET MVC Tutorials *

o    Samples for Parallel Programming with the .NET 4, .NET 4 Paper: Parallel Programming Patterns*


o    Patterns & Practices: “Parallel Programming with Microsoft .NET” – Book Companion Samples  

o    Prism 4 Reference Implementations, QuickStarts, and Hands-on Labs for WPF & Silverlight

o    Hands-On Labs for Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0


o    Book: "Programming Microsoft ASP.NET MVC" – VB Code Samples

o    Book: "ASP.Net 4 Step by Step" – VB Code Samples 

o    Visual Basic 2010 Books (Various)

o    MSDN Magazine Code Downloads


o    “Pex for Fun” Code Samples


o    VB Team Blog

o    WPF & Silverlight Blog by Karl Shifflett

o    Beth Massi Blog

o    VB MVP Articles & Blogs