Happy New Year! (Now get to work)

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve enjoyed a nice long vacation with good friends and family but now it’s time to come out of my holiday coma and get back to work. :-)

While I was away a couple things have happened in the LightSwitch community. First, I’d like to introduce our newest LightSwitch Technical Evangelist, Robert Green. I am very excited to have him back at Microsoft and especially working on LightSwitch. Keep an eye on his blog for more awesome content. Robert has a good “How To” style of writing that makes learning easy.

Also another LightSwitch community blogger has come back out from hiding with a new website, a good line-up of content, and a passion for making things easy to learn. Check out Paul Patterson’s new blog.

I’ll also be back at it with the team with more content so stay tuned here and the LightSwitch Team blog. And don’t forget to pop into the LightSwitch Forums to say hello and visit the Developer Center for more community interaction and training content.

It’s good to be back and ready to tackle 2011!


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