LightSwitch Team “How To” Articles and New Developer Center Content

Over on the LightSwitch team blog we’ve been posting a series of “How To” articles that have gotten pretty popular that you probably want to check out if you’re evaluating LightSwitch. Most of these How To articles cover topics not already covered in the How Do I videos.



Check this How To article feed as we post more on the team blog! 

Developer Center Update:

We also made some updates to the LightSwitch Developer Center that hopefully will make it easier to navigate task-based content. The LightSwitch Developer Center is your one-stop-shop for getting started with and learning about LightSwitch :-). If you take a look at the home page and Learn page, we’ve added a section that calls out some focused learning content around building & deploying applications as well as some good links to learn more about the architecture of LightSwitch.


More content will build up as we approach Beta 2 so I wanted to start organizing things by tasks/topics. We’re also putting together a list of community sites and third-party extensions as we approach RTM so if you’re talking/teaching about LightSwitch right now I want to hear from you. ;-)