Great Bay.NET User Group Events Coming Up in December!

Bay.NET user groups serve the entire Bay Area with .NET meetings in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, North Bay, and Tri-Valley areas. We’ve got a couple events coming up in December that I am excited to be a part of so check these out. First I’ll be speaking at the Microsoft SVC campus on December 1st… Read more

How to Create a Screen with Multiple Search Parameters in LightSwitch

Note: This article has been updated for Beta 2 on 3/17/2011 A couple weeks ago I posted about how to create a custom search screen where you could specify exactly what field to search on. I also talked about some of the search options you can set on entities themselves. If you missed it: Creating… Read more

LightSwitch Team “How To” Articles and New Developer Center Content

Over on the LightSwitch team blog we’ve been posting a series of “How To” articles that have gotten pretty popular that you probably want to check out if you’re evaluating LightSwitch. Most of these How To articles cover topics not already covered in the How Do I videos. Basics: How To Use Lookup Tables with… Read more

Creating a Custom Search Screen in Visual Studio LightSwitch

Note: This article has been updated for Beta 2 on 3/17/2011 While I was on my speaking trip in Europe a couple folks asked me how they could create their own search screen instead of using the built-in search functionality that LightSwitch provides. Basically they wanted the search to come up blank until a user… Read more