New How Do I Video Released Today on LightSwitch Access Control

If you rather watch videos than read articles, we just released a new How Do I video on the LightSwitch Developer Center today on setting up permissions to control user access in LightSwitch.

#11 – How Do I: Set up Security to Control User Access to Parts of a Visual Studio LightSwitch Application?

This video compliments the article I wrote in my last post: Implementing Security in a LightSwitch Application.

In this video I walk you through how to set up security to control user access to parts of a LightSwitch application by specifying sets of permissions on Screens and Entities and checking those permissions in code. You will see how to test these permissions during debugging as well as how to set up users and roles in the system once deployed.

We also updated the Learn page of the Dev Center to better fit all the videos we’ve released as well as feature content from the library on the right-rail.  Be sure to check out all the videos on this page.

Next one will be on how to deploy 2 and 3 tier LightSwitch applications.