MSDN Radio on Oct. 11th: LightSwitch with Yours Truly

On Monday, October 11th at 9:00 AM PST I’ll be talking with Mike Benkovich and Mithun Dhar about Visual Studio LightSwitch on MSDN Radio. MSDN Radio is a weekly Developer talk-show that helps answer your questions about the latest Microsoft news, solutions, and technologies. Head on over to the registration page so you can call in and ask me questions. Here’s the 411 on the show:

MSDN Radio: Switching the Lights on with Beth Massi 
Application development is working with data and as the tools become more refined, our jobs become easier and less code is required. The challenge is getting the code right. The latest release of Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch brings a great tool for working with data in a streamlined way. It logically organizes the project by data, but behind the scenes is built on Microsoft .NET. This week we talk with Beth Massi on what’s exciting and possible with LightSwitch.

Hope to see.. um.. hear you there! ;-)