New LightSwitch “How Do I” Videos Released Today

We just updated the Learn section of the LightSwitch Developer Center with a couple more videos, check them out:

The team also has a couple blog posts on these topics if you like articles better than videos:

How to: designing one LightSwitch screen to create or edit an entity
How Do I: Filter Items in a ComboBox or Modal Window Picker in LightSwitch

We’ve also added a couple new features to the video pages which allow you to rate the video (5 stars being the best) as well as a related videos section so you can see the most watched videos in the series. I still recommend you watch them in order because the videos build upon each other as we create a sample application for order entry.

If you missed them, here’s the first 8 videos.

Next ones I’m working on will be on Security and Deployment so stay tuned.