Time to Register for Silicon Valley Code Camp!

It’s that time of year again, Silicon Valley Code Camp is one of the biggest there is spanning many different technologies and grabbing the attention of over 1000 attendees. There are currently 165 beginner to advanced sessions submitted. This year I’ll be speaking on OData with Office & of course, some sessions on LightSwitch:

Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch
Level: Beginner  

Visual Studio LightSwitch is the simplest way to build business applications for the desktop and cloud. LightSwitch simplifies the development process by letting you concentrate on the business logic, while LightSwitch handles the common tasks for you. In this demo-heavy session, you will see, end-to-end, how to build and deploy a data-centric business application using LightSwitch.

Visual Studio LightSwitch – Beyond the Basics
Level: Intermediate  

LightSwitch is a new product in the Visual Studio family aimed at developers who want to easily create business applications for the desktop or the cloud. In this session we’ll go beyond the basics of creating simple screens over data and demonstrate how to create screens with more advanced capabilities. You’ll see how to extend LightSwitch applications with your own Silverlight custom controls and RIA services. We’ll also talk about the architecture and additional extensibility points that are available to professional developers looking to enhance the LightSwitch developer experience.

Creating and Consuming OData Services
Level: Intermediate  

The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a REST-ful protocol for exposing and consuming data on the web and is becoming the new standard for data-based services. In this session you will learn how to easily create these services using WCF Data Services in Visual Studio 2010 and will gain a firm understanding of how they work as well as what new features are available in .NET 4 Framework. You’ll also see how to consume these services and connect them to other public data sources in the cloud to create powerful BI data analysis in Excel 2010 using the PowerPivot add-in. Finally, we will build our own Excel and Outlook add-ins that consume OData services exposed by SharePoint 2010.

Please register here: http://siliconvalley-codecamp.com/Register.aspx

Hope to see you there!