Visual Studio LightSwitch How Do I Videos

I’ve done my fair share of How Do I videos over the years, particularly on Visual Basic and related technologies. And even though I really don’t like hearing the sound of my own voice (who is that? ;)) I do love teaching. I also love doing How Do I videos for LightSwitch because the tool really lends itself well to short 5-10 minute videos. I’ll be working on more of them this week and will release them weekly. For now, enjoy the first 5 that we released yesterday on the LightSwitch Developer Center.

These videos are meant to be watched in order because each one builds on the last one. If you are familiar with the old Windows Forms Over Data series I did a few years ago, the application will be familiar to you because we build out the same tables and fields for a simple order management system in this series. It’s amazing how much farther along we get in this series building the application with LightSwitch instead.

In the next few videos I’m going to tackle Custom Validation, Master-Detail forms, Lookup Tables, and some more advanced Queries.