LightSwitch Public Beta 1 Now Available!

We’ve just released the public Beta 1 of Visual Studio LightSwitch! Yay! Check out Jason Zander’s post LightSwitch Beta1 Now Available, Building Your First App.

To get started, visit the LightSwitch Developer Center:


Here you can access the download, watch step-by-step “How Do I” videos, read tutorials, and get access to the Training Kit to help get you started learning LightSwitch. The home page also features other goodies like LightSwitch blogs and Channel 9 interviews.

You also should notice new “Library”, “Learn” and “Forums” tabs at the top of the page that you can explore:


Our new Learn page has How Do I videos that we’ll be releasing each week, as well as links to important learning resources like Code Samples, featured library articles, and the Training Kit. Stay tuned into this page as we build up more learning content!

So please download the Beta 1, explore the LightSwitch Developer Center and give us your feedback and ask questions in the forums.