Localized Online Samples Available for Visual Studio 2010

Product teams have been releasing samples online on Code Gallery since Visual Studio has been released. This allows us to get samples out the door outside of the normal VS ship-cycle. So what you see “in-box” (a.k.a on the install disk) is only a subset of samples that we release. If you have an internet connection (which you probably do if you are reading this ;-)) then you can access additional online samples from the Help -> Samples menu in Visual Studio 2010:


This will open a page in the embedded browser that allows you to either navigate to the online samples page on MSDN or the in-box samples ZIP file on disk.


Depending on your locale, MSDN will direct you to the right page for your country (if available) where you can pick from a variety of language and technology samples. When you select one, it will take you to the Code Gallery download page for that sample for that locale. Even though Code Gallery itself isn’t localized, we added pages to each of the sets of samples that are localized. When you click on the download link on the localized page, that will take you to the localized samples where all comments and readme’s have been translated.

For instance, if you select Développement Office dans Visual Studio 2010 on the Exemples de code Visual Studio 2010 page you are taken to Exemples Office 2010 – the French version of the Office samples description page on Code Gallery. If you select Téléchargements link on that page then that will take you to the correct release – Exemples de Office développement pour VS 2010 RTM.


You can also select the different localized releases from the right-hand side of any release page. Please note that the product teams are continuously adding more samples so you may see more samples in the English releases until the localization teams can schedule more translations.

We really hope this makes the samples more accessible to our international audience. And if you notice any mistakes in these pages let me know and I’ll pass them onto the localization teams – I only know a little bit of Italian and Spanish and it’s not very good ;-)