Free VB6 Migration Tool & Updated VB Developer Center

Jason Zander just announced some exciting work that we’ve been doing for developers trying to migrate their Visual Basic 6 apps!

Good News for VB6 Migration

Today we re-launched our VBRun Resource Center for VB6 developers and announced a partner tool from Artinsoft, the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion [VBUC] that you can get for FREE. Check out the details here:

Download your FREE version of VBUC with code ‘MSDN’

You’ll also notice that we integrated the VBRun resources into it’s own tab on the Visual Basic Developer Center. If you haven’t checked out VBRun, it’s all about providing the best migration strategies, tools, support info, and training to help you on your gradual path from VB6 to .NET.


The most exciting addition is a partner page that provides free and recommended tools. The first partner to be featured is Artinsoft with their Visual Basic Upgrade Companion.

We will continue posting the best migration strategies and guidance, best new partner tools, support policies, updated toolkits like the Interop Forms Toolkit 2.1 on the VBRun site so you should check back often. There is also a VB6 migration and interop forum where experts on the team and MVPs hang out to answer questions on migration.