Bay Area Education Day on Saturday – OData, Cloud, SharePoint, Office, VB, C#, DLR

Come over to Foothill college on Saturday May 15th for a full day, two track education day with an all-star Microsoft cast. I’ll be there speaking on OData, Office and SharePoint development in Visual Studio 2010. We’ve also got some folks from the languages team coming to show off what’s new in VB, C# and the code editor as well as some great sessions on dynamic languages IronPython and IronRuby. Our local DEs and MVPs will also be there speaking as well!

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Here’s the detailed info on the sessions and speakers. For more information on location, time and agenda please see the registration page here.


Creating and Consuming OData Services – Beth Massi
The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a REST-ful protocol for exposing and consuming data on the web and is becoming the new standard for data-based services. In this session you will learn how to easily create these services using WCF Data Services in Visual Studio 2010 and will gain a firm understand of how they work. You’ll also see how to consume these services and connect them to other data sources to create powerful BI data analysis in Excel 2010 using the PowerPivot add-in. Finally, we will build our own Excel add-in that consumes OData services exposed by SharePoint 2010.

Getting Started with SharePoint Development in Visual Studio 2010 – Beth Massi
The Visual Studio team has made significant investments in building tools for SharePoint development in Visual Studio 2010. This session will provide you with an overview of SharePoint development in Visual Studio 2010 from the Visual Studio developer perspective. Come see what all the fuss is about as we go over the new project and item templates, walk through the designers, access data with LINQ to SharePoint, and look at the different object models including the new SharePoint 2010 Silverlight client library.

Creating a web app with ASP.NET MVC and JQuery and migrating it to the Azure cloud – Bruno Terkaly
Learn how to create an on-premise data-driven MVC web application and then migrate it to the Azure cloud. You’ll see how to migrate both the data and the application to the cloud for infinite scalability. You’ll also see how how to get started with JQuery with some hands on coding as well as how to use Dynamic Data to set up the scafolding to expose your data as a web application.

Dynamic Languages on the .NET Framework – Ryan Dawson
IronPython and IronRuby are high-quality dynamic language implementations on .NET. In this talk we show you how to interactively create great applications for .NET, and why dynamic languages are so well suited to this style of programming. You will walk away knowing why dynamic languages deserve a spot in your toolbox, and you get an early look at our dynamic languages tooling story.

Using Dynamic Languages to Build Scriptable Applications – Ryan Dawson

The Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) brings the power of dynamic languages to .NET. It provides the plumbing for IronPython and IronRuby, a shared language hosting API, and also enables interoperability with static languages like C# and Visual Basic. Come hear how you can leverage these technologies in your own applications, and learn why dynamic languages deserve a spot in your toolbox!

VB and C# IDE Tips and Tricks for Visual Studio 2010 – Kevin Pilch-Bisson
In this demo-focused session, we look at a series of features and technologies available through Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and out-of-box solutions that will make you more productive in the Visual Basic and C# IDEs. Whether you’re trying to come up to speed with an unfamiliar code base, navigate your way through a large solution, write in new pieces of business logic, or test your application, these tips and tricks will help you get your job done better and faster.

What’s New in C# – Kevin Pilch-Bisson
Learn how C# 4 enables developers to use new dynamic and COM Interop features in their code. Hear about the forces that influence and shape the future of programming languages and how C# is evolving to meet future customer needs.

What’s New in Visual Basic – Deborah Kurata
In this session we’ll walk through the new Visual Basic language features that make you more productive writing code like no more underscores, automatic properties, array and collection intializers and multiline and statement lambdas.


Ryan Dawson is a developer in test at Microsoft. He’s been at Microsoft for more than 10 years, and a member of the Dynamic Language Runtime team since its inception. IronPython, IronRuby, and dynamic features of C# and VB are all built on top of the DLR. He has a degree in computer science from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Deborah Kurata is cofounder of InStep Technologies Inc. and has over 15 years of experience in architecting, designing, and developing successful applications. She authored several books, including the “Doing Objects in Visual Basic” series (Addison-Wesley), “Best Kept Secrets in .NET” (Apress) and “Doing Web Development: Client-Side Techniques” (Apress). She speaks at various .NET conferences and has been recognized with the Microsoft MVP award. After a hard day of coding and taking care of her family, Deborah enjoys blowing stuff up (on the XBox of course).

Beth Massi is a Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft and a community champion for business applications and Visual Basic developers. She has over 15 years of industry experience building business applications and is a frequent speaker at various software development events. You can find her on a variety of developer sites including MSDN Developer Centers, Channel 9, and her blog  Follow her on twitter @BethMassi.

Kevin Pilch-Bisson is a development lead at Microsoft. He’s been a member of the C# IDE team for more than 7 years, working on features like IntelliSense, Colorization, Refactoring, and Formatting. Prior to joining Microsoft, Kevin earned a computer engineering degree at the University of Waterloo. Outside of work, he has a beautiful wife and three children. You can find Kevin on Twitter at

A former Microsoft premier field engineer, Bruno Terkaly has travelled around the clock to solve the most hair-raising client problems and meltdowns. He has taught in nuclear power plants, assisted with life-or-death medical applications, and debugged multi-million-dollar financial trading software, and brings two decades of training experience with a wide array of platforms to his presentations. Bruno is also a confirmed thrill seeker and a stand-up comedy connoisseur who works hard to make his audiences laugh, just like his role model, Anders Hejlsberg.

For more information on location, time and agenda please see the registration page here.

Hope to see you there!