A couple recent interviews on DZone & .NET Rocks

This week I have a couple interviews that released to the web. The first one is a short video with Eric Hagan from the DZone .NET community where I talk about some of my favorite features in Visual Studio 2010 and the languages:

Beth Massi on Visual Studio 2010; New Features in VB, C#

The second interview is a .NET Rocks Road Show podcast I did with Alan Griver and Tim Heuer where we chat about some of the cool features in Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight and Azure:

Alan Griver, Beth Massi, and Tim Heuer Live in Phoenix

If you haven’t head, Carl and Richard are the very famous .NET Rocks hosts that are travelling around the country in an RV doing community road shows promoting Visual Studio 2010. I was lucky to be at their Phoenix stop helping with the community launch event there (more on that later).

There are a ton of sponsors, one being PreEmptive Solutions, which makes the Dotfuscator Software Services which I’ve written about here before. Richard and Carl have a very cool Silverlight RIA application that lets you track their progress and it’s hooked up to their Twitter account so you can see where they are when they tweet. PreEmptive Solutions has implemented some application analytics into this as well so check it out here:


Check out these resources from PreEmptive Solutions on MSDN (more videos coming soon)

Videos: Dotfuscator Software Services in Visual Studio 2010
Article: Using Visual Studio 2010 to Collect Usage, Performance and Stability Information to Improve Software.