Office Development with Visual Studio Tutorial Series – Part 4

A couple months ago Robert Green, VSTO MVP, started a series of step-by-step tutorials on building on Office 2007. Part 4 is now published. Thanks Robert!

In this fourth part of the series of tutorials on Office Business Applications, learn how to create an Excel 2007 solution using Visual Studio 2008 that generates reports from a database and allows you to take those reports offline. This tutorial shows you how to cache the set of data directly in the Excel workbook and also shows you how to easily print the data as a PDF. This step-by-step tutorial also includes full source code in Visual Basic & C#. Check out the tutorial on the VSTO Developer Center:

Building an Office Business Application Part 4 – Generating Reports

And if you missed the previous tutorials:

These tutorials are pretty popular so if you’re just getting started with Office development in Visual Studio, this is a great place to start. Download all the code here: