DevTeach Here I Come!

I’m heading up to Toronto this week for the DevTeach conference! I’ve spoken at DevTeach every time except for the very first one. This is a great Canadian conference that really brings a bunch of awesome speakers in our industry into a more intimate setting than say a TechEd. Check out all the sessions here. This year there’s a SharePoint track that I’m really excited about.

I’m doing the keynote this time and I’m going to make an attempt at showing off some of the awesome new features in Visual Studio 2010. I’ve got some IDE tricks up my sleeve and I’ll walk through some language, parallel, data, WPF and SharePoint tools and features. I can’t hit everything because there’s so much packed into Visual Studio 2010 that it would take a full day to explore, but hopefully this gets people excited enough attend the rest of the sessions to learn more. My sessions tend to be pretty demo-heavy so look for less than 15 minutes of Keynote slides and the rest of the time I’ll be wowing the crowd (at least I hope) with real demos. I want to get the crowd PUMPED UP so if I have to put on my tap shoes so be it. ;-)

I’m also doing a session on VB 10 & C# 4 new language features and a session on building on Office and SharePoint that should be a lot of fun.

Hope to see you there!