New Learning Resources on the Visual Basic Developer Center

A couple months ago we revamped the Learn pages on the VSTO Developer Center with more content that allows you to pivot on more fine-grained topics and tasks under each type of Office solution. And as a result, we’ve had a lot more people finding the content they need.

Today we’ve started doing the same type of organization on the Visual Basic Developer Center Learn pages. We’ve started with the Introductory Topics and Language Syntax pages. To get there, head to and then click the Learn tab. There you will see a set of general topic areas to explore.


If you select Introductory Topics or Language Syntax you will be taken to a new set of pages that lets you browse on more topics and tasks. Select a topic from the list on the left and the content will change on the right. I’ve collected a good set of content from a variety of sources like the MSDN library, blogs, How Do I videos, and other learning sites. Hopefully this organization makes it easier for you to find what you need related to language syntax whether that be a video, article, blog, webcast, etc.


However, if you still like to see, say, all the videos or articles related to VB Language, you can select the icons on the right-rail. I’ll be working on this type of structure for the rest of these pages and will release them as I finish each one. It takes a while to categorize all the content I want so I rather release section by section. Next section I’m working on will be Data Access.

Am I missing a topic or some good content you want to see? Please send me feedback by making a comment to this post or send me an email.

Happy Learning!