Northwind Office Business Application Updated for Visual Studio, Office & SharePoint 2010

Last year we built a business application for order management for Northwind Traders on the Office and SharePoint platform using Visual Studio 2008 and Office & SharePoint 2007. Recently I started releasing articles that show how to upgrade the VS2008 version to VS2010:

Today I updated the sample with some more goodies including some SharePoint 2010 web parts that I’ll write about soon. But I wanted to let you know sooner rather than later that you can play with all of the code today. This is also the same code I demonstrated last week at our East Bay.NET User’s group meeting.

Here ya go:

This sample was built using Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, Office 2010 Beta & SharePoint 2010 Beta and it demonstrates:

  1. A way to easily expose line-of-business (LOB) data using WCF Data Services (formerly known as ADO.NET Data Services)
  2. An Outlook 2010 Add-in that displays LOB data in a WPF control that I built in 5 minutes using the new drag-drop data binding and designer features
  3. How to store and retrieve structured data from Word 2010 documents
  4. An Excel 2010 document customization that edits LOB data through the data service and provides data visualization
  5. A SharePoint 2010 Document Library Workflow that adds Order info to the database by reading word documents and updates and reports order statuses based on changes in the database using the data service
  6. A SharePoint 2010 Visual Web Part that reports low inventory in the database using the data service and allows users to add tasks
  7. A SharePoint 2010 Silverlight Web Part that demonstrates how to deploy Silverlight web parts to SharePoint 2010 and use the SharePoint Silverlight client library to add tasks