Build WPF Data Controls for Outlook Addins Easily with VS2010

Last post I showed how to migrate our Northwind Outlook client to .NET 4 and Office 2010. This Outlook Add-in displays order history information in an adjoining form region so sales associates can see that data immediately when communicating with customers. When we originally built this with Visual Studio 2008, we used a WPF user… Read more

Migrating an Outlook Client to .NET Framework 4 in Visual Studio 2010

Early this year we built a business application for order management for Northwind Traders on the Office and SharePoint platform using Visual Studio 2008 and Office & SharePoint 2007. If you missed them: Architecture of the Northwind Office Business Application OBA Part 1 – Exposing Line-of-Business Data OBA Part 2 – Building an Outlook Client… Read more

Office Development with Visual Studio Tutorial Series – Part 2

Last month Robert Green, VSTO MVP, started a series of tutorials on building on Office 2007. Today we published part 2 of his step-by-step tutorials. Thanks Robert! In this second part of the series of tutorials on Office Business Applications, learn how to create a Word 2007 price quote generation solution using Visual Studio 2008…. Read more

Setting up Windows 7 for Office & SharePoint 2010 Beta Development

So I decided to get my Windows 7 laptop installed with all the latest public Betas this week which includes Visual Studio Beta 2, SharePoint 2010 Beta and Office 2010 Beta. I had been using internal builds and thought it would be better to get in sync with everyone else in the community. I have… Read more

New Learning Resources on the VSTO Developer Center

Last week we revamped the Learn pages on the VSTO Developer Center with more content that allows you to pivot on more fine-grained topics and tasks under each type of Office solution. We’ve changed the layout of these pages so that you can browse for a type of solution (right now we have Excel, Word,… Read more