Halloween Pictures

On Friday I posted some pictures of my past Halloween costumes. This year I have to say was one of the better years in terms of how easy the costumes were to put together and the great “scary factor”. This year we were werewolves and the only hard part of the costume was taking off all the hair ;-). I won for scariest costume, yea! I think the contacts I bought freaked people out…


Here’s the family portrait (sister, me, mom, pop, Alan). My mom and pop came as the Wicked Witch and Glenda the good witch. My father won for funniest costume (people always laugh at cross-dressing) ;-)


Here are some of the other costume winners. Robin came as the Windows 7 OS and won for most creative! She even had a jump list, a Bing button and glass. She also kept walking around the party telling people helpful Windows tips (and no, she doesn’t work for Windows marketing ;-))

P1050347 P1050349

Best group costume was Austin Powers and Fook Mi and Fook Yu:


Honorable mention, Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert:


Thanks to all who came! See you next year!!!

P1050341 P1050287 P1050293 P1050296 P1050297 P1050340P1050299 P1050300 P1050303 P1050311 P1050314 AdamhandsoutLadyGaganoglassesP1050346 P1050350 P1050389P1050354 P1050364 werwolfkissP1050372 P1050374 P1050375