SDC 2009 Recap & Surprise

SDC09 has been a blast. I just finished my last session on Building Office Business Applications with Visual Studio 2010 and I think it went well. We created an OBA for good old Northwind Traders. I migrated the 2008 code which is here on code gallery into VS 2010 and showed the new features of VS2010 that makes Office development easier focusing on RAD data binding (including WPF) and designers, new multi-project deployment, and SharePoint 2010 tools.

My main goal was to provide a real-world scenario and architecture but keep the demo code manageable and simple while also introducing folks to all the RAD designers available. This way you can take apart the sample easily and reuse just the pieces you need. Check out the code and 5-part article series on how to build the Northwind OBA in Visual Studio 2008:

I migrated the solutions to use Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 for my presentation so once those Betas are available I’ll update the links with that code. Beta 2 for Visual Studio released yesterday so I got to show everyone the latest and greatest tools including SharePoint 2010 tooling. Some of the features that make Office development and deployment easier are covered in these walkthroughs:

  • Office Programming (C# and Visual Basic)
  • Embedding Type Information from Microsoft Office Assemblies (C# and Visual Basic)
  • Deploying Multiple Office Solutions in a Single ClickOnce Installer
  • Copying a Document to the End User Computer after a ClickOnce Installation
  • SharePoint Development in Visual Studio 2010
  • Yesterday my talks went really well too but I’ve done them many times before, last time being code camp. I did one on VB10 / C#4 language features which are covered in these walkthroughs on MSDN:

  • Creating and Using Dynamic Objects (C# and Visual Basic)
  • Embedding Types from Managed Assemblies (C# and Visual Basic)
  • Use Named and Optional Arguments in Office Programming (C# Programming Guide)
  • Create a Collection Used by a Collection Initializer
  • Create an Add Extension Method Used by a Collection Initializer 
  • I also did a talk on using Open XML and LINQ to XML to manipulate Office 2007 document formats.

    Happy Birthday!

    Yes it’s my birthday today. Not really an important one in my opinion, I’m just getting old I guess ;-). But when I showed up in my session this morning the room had been decorated with rainbow streamers. It was very cute and I thought that was the end of it. But afterwards during lunch I was lead onto the stage in the main hall and properly embarrassed by the event organizers. They brought out a cake with a gigantic fire-cracker on it! Then all the attendees sang happy birthday to me in Dutch.  It was totally embarrassing but also incredible to feel loved by the Dutch developer community :-).

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