WPF In-Depth with Billy Hollis

If you’re up in Redmond, the .NET Developers Association has a very special guest for their meeting tonight.

Billy Hollis will be speaking on WPF showing off a real business application he developed. Billy has a very “practical programmer” style that I always enjoy. He’s also an expert on WPF so this meeting is bound to be informative and fun. Hope you can make it out to campus tonight. The meeting starts at 7pm in the Building 40 cafe. Check out the .NETDA site for directions.

Meeting details….

Topic: WPF In-Depth: Walkthrough a Real World WPF App
The StaffLynx application, developed by a team led by Billy Hollis, has been acclaimed for using WPF technologies in a business-oriented software system. In this session, Billy will cover the basic architecture of this application, highlighting architectural differences from previous generations:  layered client design, service-based data access, and advanced UI capabilities. He will show how critical pieces are constructed, including novel coding concepts in WPF and XAML. Then he’ll discuss the design and prototyping process, show various prototypes with analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, and cover lessons learned from that process.

Speaker: Billy Hollis
Billy Hollis is an author and software developer from Nashville, Tennessee. Billy is co-author of the first book ever published on Visual Basic .NET, VB .NET Programming on the Public Beta. He has written many articles, and is a frequent speaker at conferences. He is the Regional Director of Developer Relations in Nashville for Microsoft, and runs a consulting company focusing on Microsoft .NET.