Happy Halloween 2009!!!

“It’s the most, wonderful tiiiiime of the yyyyeaaaar”. Yes, I’ve been in love with Halloween ever since I was young. The neighborhood I grew up in L.A. was a great place to go trick-or-treating. Dead bodies in front yards, live action death scenes, and neighbors that actually made you perform a trick to get your… Read more

History of Visual Studio

I just started catching up on a cool series on Channel 9: The Visual Studio Documentary The documentary kicks off by taking you back to the days of MS-DOS and Alan Cooper who originally sold Visual Basic to Bill Gates back in 1988. It has a lot of BASIC and Windows history and it’s pretty… Read more

New Channel 9 Videos on Visual Studio 2010

I’ve noticed that folks have been busy creating video content on the newly released Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 while I’ve been gone!  (I’ve got a couple up my sleeve that I’ll post soon as well ;-)) For instance, Kathleen’s continuing her series of Visual Studio 2010 interviews, this time she’s got Norm Estabrook talking… Read more

XAML Power Toys Released for Visual Studio 2010

I finally made my way back home from Europe and I’m still digging through all my email, newsletters, feeds, etc. But one of the items that grabbed my attention is this week Karl Shifflett released updated XAML Power Tools for Visual Studio 2008 as well as a new set for Visual Studio 2010: Updated: XAML… Read more

SDC 2009 Recap & Surprise

SDC09 has been a blast. I just finished my last session on Building Office Business Applications with Visual Studio 2010 and I think it went well. We created an OBA for good old Northwind Traders. I migrated the 2008 code which is here on code gallery into VS 2010 and showed the new features of… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is Here!

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 has been released! Check out the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 site to download the Beta, submit product feedback on the Beta Forums, report bugs on Connect, and watch videos about Visual Studio 2010 on Channel 9. Also visit the Beta 2 walkthroughs page for information… Read more

I Made it to Holland for SDC 2009!

Yesterday I flew into Amsterdam and today I walked all over the city taking pictures for a mini-tourist day before the conference tomorrow. It’s a bit chilly (for me) but so far hardly any rain at all. It’s a little after 6pm in Holland as I write this and it’s almost time for the speaker… Read more

WPF In-Depth with Billy Hollis

If you’re up in Redmond, the .NET Developers Association has a very special guest for their meeting tonight. Billy Hollis will be speaking on WPF showing off a real business application he developed. Billy has a very “practical programmer” style that I always enjoy. He’s also an expert on WPF so this meeting is bound… Read more

Basic Instincts MSDN Magazine Article: Collection and Array Initializers in Visual Basic 2010

I’ve written before about the new array and collection initializer support in Visual Basic 2010. In this month’s MSDN Magazine, Spotty shows us how this new syntax in Visual Basic will make you more productive when writing code. Collection and Array Initializers in Visual Basic 2010 Visual Basic provides the same support as C# using… Read more

A New Look is Coming to MSDN – See a Preview on the VB Dev Center

Today MSDN released a preview of what’s to come later this month on the Visual Basic Developer Center. You should notice an URL at the top that directs you to check out the preview: Besides the cool colors you’ll see a better layout on the home page for easier navigation. Essential resources are centered right… Read more