Rate and Ask Questions on How Do I Videos on the VB Dev Center

“How Do I” Videos have been an incredibly popular free training for Visual Studio developers for a couple years now. Today MSDN launched a pilot on the Visual Basic Developer Center’s “How Do I” Videos that allows you to rate them and add comments. Sweet!

Click the 1 to 5 star rating above the video player to rate the video (1 is bad, 5 is excellent). You can also make comments about the video directly here instead of having to go to Code Gallery or contacting the authors directly. Comments are displayed at the bottom of the page for each video:


I know a lot of you email me directly on questions about the videos I’ve done and I try to respond to them all, but the sheer volume of questions (video related or otherwise) is way too much for just me to answer individually. The forums are much more responsive than me alone for general programming questions. I promise you that I absolutely do read them all though! And I use your common questions and suggestions to feed into topics I blog about here so please keep that coming. :-)

However, by adding comments on the video pages directly I’m hoping that others in the community will also help each other instead of just relying on me. It also helps focus the conversations better around a specific video topic. Of course, I’ll be monitoring all the comments on the Visual Basic How Do I videos and I’ll try to answer them quickly, but having a more open conversation will not only help me, it will help all of you too. It’s always more helpful to see how other developers find solutions to problems in an open forum like this.

So… let ‘er rip! I’m sure you’ll flood all the pages with a plethora of comments :-). Please note that I’ll be out of the office for the extended Labor Day weekend here in the states but I’ll respond when I get back to the office on Tuesday.