MSDN Subscribers, Come and Get Windows 7 Today!

Window 7 is available to MSDN subscribers today! My friend is so excited she pinged me in IM and told me she was refreshing her browser all morning on MSDN’s home page until the headline showed up. LOL!

Everyone is so excited maybe that’s why Twitter went down today and made the morning local news.

Anyways, I’m so ready to repave my main laptop with Windows 7. I’ll be doing a network install when it’s available on Microsoft’s corpnet this month. It’s so much easier that way, MSIT takes care of bundling all the drivers and software I need into an unattended install you start by booting from the network. Yes I’m excited but also lazy. :-) Goodbye VM, hello metal.

BTW, check out Scott’s post if you’re upgrading a Vista box to Windows 7 that has Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1.

Have fun downloading from MSDN today everyone!