Visual Basic 10, C# 4 & Visual Studio 2010 Talk @ EastBay.NET

On Wednesday I spoke at EastBay.NET User’s group at our new Livermore location and I have to say it was a TON of fun. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun speaking in a while. Deborah has an awesome recap of the event. We were afraid that we’d have low attendance because of the switch in venue but it was a great turnout!

I did the same talk that I had done at DevTeach which I wrote about here. I guess the third time’s a charm because I had people laughing and learning at the same time which is what I always strive for in my talks. I had great feedback that I explained Co/ContraVariance really well. I’ll write up a blog post on that later but I basically just took this example from Lucian and explained it in “OOP 101” terms driving it home with a practical example in the end.

I also showed all of the C# 4 features in one method that demonstrated COM interop with Office lifted from this walkthrough and demonstrated the “no PIAs” feature (which removes the PITA experience of deployment ;-)) by cracking open reflector and showing the type information embedded into my assembly. Take a look at the end of this walkthrough for info on that feature.

I also showed off some of the cool features of VS2010 like the new look-and-feel, the new editor, and WPF designer and data tooling. I needed 3 hours to cover everything I wanted to show so I ran out of time in the end but that always happens to me :-).

Check out the EastBay.NET site for our upcoming events. Hope to see you there next month.