New “How Do I” Video Series Released

I just released 3 new videos onto the VB Dev Center starting a new series on how to do WPF data binding with Entity Framework using Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. This is a “no frills” WPF series that focuses on data so you won’t see any other tools used besides Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and no flashy animations.

#1 | How Do I: Get Started with Entity Framework in WPF Applications?

#2 | How Do I: Build a WPF Data Entry Form Using Entity Framework?

#3 | How Do I: Create a WPF Lookup Combobox using Entity Framework?

The videos are a bit longer than your normal 5-minute “How Do I” videos but I tried to keep them short by re-using the data access layer I build in the first one. I hope this doesn’t confuse people. Believe me when I say this will get a lot better, especially tooling-wise, in Visual Studio 2010. But this is a good introduction to building WPF data apps against Entity Framework with the version of Visual Studio that is available now! :-)