Misfit Geek Podcast on the Future of VB

Joe Stagner’s second podcast is up and this time he’s interviewing the one and only Lisa Feigenbaum from the VB team. Joe pins her down on what the future of VB really is and discusses perceptions, parity and co-evolution. It’s a great interview so check it out:

Misfit Geek Podcast – Episode #2 Does VB have a Future?

I got a little nervous at about 31 minutes into it when Joe calls me the “Princess of Visual Basic” (better than an old queen I guess ;-)) and mentions that there should be a crew of Beth Massi’s out there to crank out VB content. I can think of more than a few people besides my family that would be scared to have more copies of me running around and screaming out there. LOL. But many many thanks, Joe! I’ll keep it coming.