Visual Basic Start Page News Channel in Visual Studio

I’ve had a couple questions lately on how to change the Visual Studio start page news feed so I thought I’d write a quick post on how to do it. When you open Visual Studio for the first time it will ask you what development environment setting it should use. You can pick Visual Basic, C#, General, Web, etc. Depending on what you pick you will see different news feed in your start page. If you pick Visual Basic, you will see the same news feed that is on the Visual Basic Developer Center which showcases articles, tutorials, videos and other important resources:


You can change the development settings by going to Tools –> Import and Export Settings and then picking a set of default settings. However, sometimes you just want to change the feed and not the development settings. You can do that by going to Tools –> Options then check “Show all settings” at the bottom, expand the Environment node and select Startup. In the Start Page news channel specify: which will route you to this feed:


Of course you can put any RSS feed here and it will display on your start page, but I would recommend staying up to date on Visual Basic ;-). For more Visual Studio tips check out Sara’s blog and book.